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Give your NDIS pathway a digital renovation with the HELPA app


Each year, hourly commissions cost NDIS plans hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of hours of support

Why this is a problem

NEW-Helpa-Square-Image_Causes - Costs
Commission Costs
Paid on every hour, for every shift, unnecessarily
NEW-Helpa-Square-Image_Causes - Limited Choices
Limited Choices
Online providers vs traditional care organisations
NEW-Helpa-Square-Image_Causes - Manual Processes
Manual Processes
Working privately feels harder than it should be
NEW-Helpa-Square-Image_Causes - Poor Engagement
Poor Engagement
No single tool for easy communication and support

What we do

The HELPA app supports commission-free, private hiring so NDIS plans go further and support providers earn more.
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How we are different

NEW-Helpa Solution_Efficiency
We automate scheduling, approving and direct invoicing
NEW-Helpa Solution_Engagement
We offer secure in-app messaging and client management
NEW-Helpa Solution_Personalization

We provide unique, per-client and per-provider tools

NEW-Helpa Solution_Sustainability
Zero commissions mean more hours and dollars for support

NDIS Participants

Unique hiring and approval features give you true choice and control over who you hire, what you agree on and how much more support you can access
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See how it works

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Participants download for free!

Support Workers

Dynamic shift scheduling, completion and reviews, with automated invoicing means more flexibility, more earnings and more time available for clients

See how it works

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Calculate the difference with HELPA!

Extra Earnings Per Week

Providers start for just $12.50pw!

What people are saying

This app is a no-brainer for support workers. I set up my profile, invited my clients and scheduled a week's shifts in less than 2min.
Vanessa, QLD
Great product, has everything a support worker needs, saving a lot of time having transfered from another provider to this. scheduling shifts and invoicing is a dream, so simple and easy to work out. Have had no issues whatsoever and am very happy with the change over, has made life so much easier. Thank you.
Dan, QLD
I have told so many people about this app, I just love it! Highly recommended for anyone wanting more from their NDIS plan.
Amanda, VIC
I can't imagine working privately without it. Accessible anywhere from mobile, all of my shifts appear seamlessly. More in tune with my needs. Highly recommended it for any participant and support worker. Finally an option that is sustainable and gives back!
Bec, NSW
This app is brilliant, setup is easy and it is simple to use.. I have more time, more earnings and definitely happier clients."
Sarah, ACT
My NDIS funds are precious and I am so grateful for this app. It allows me to work directly with good people and to just get on with it. Spread the word!"

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