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Parenting can be challenging for us all at times. If you are a parent or caregiver, and you have questions about challenging behaviours, developmental concerns or your child has a diagnosis, then you can download the apps for free to access tools, capture health progress and securely share this with providers in real-time. 

Wait lists? 

Travel Times?  

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Ask qualified, vetted and relevant providers any question by using the secure messaging feature in the app.

Prefer a more involved discussion? You can use the secure, in-app video chat any time.

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  • Free to download
  • Easy to set up
  • Secure and compliant
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A digital journal for easy notetaking. Text, image + video, securely in one place


An in-app scanner for single + multi-page reports, forms + documents


Safely + securely share this info with qualified + vetted support providers.


Got a question? Connect in less than 1min. to get answers

How it works

We know that raising a child or caring for a loved one has its challenges, so we make sure that our technology does the hard work for you!

  • We find and qualify providers + partners
  • We coordinate messaging + video support
  • We facilitate insurance, NDIS + in-app payments
  • You get same day support, anywhere