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HELPA is the unified engagement platform for parents & support providers, offering tools, support and on-demand access to a network of heavily vetted partners & providers via video or private message, straight from your iOS or Android device.

Yes! You can always rebook with the same support provider. This is a great way for you and participating providers to get to know each other over time. 

HELPA does not record video sessions so any information you share with a support provider will stay between you and that provider. HELPA implements industry-leading encryption and data security practices to ensure the security of your personal health data. 

Our mission is to provide a place for people to connect, share personal experiences, and learn from one another in a positive and supportive environment.


The HELPA Community is a safe space for everyone. Whether you find dealing with a diagnosis to be a serious challenge, working to improve your own wellbeing, caring for a child, or interested in learning more about a specific topic—the community is here to help.

Information shared in this community is not moderated or reviewed by clinical practitioners and is not intended to be used as professional advice. Always consult a qualified practitioner before making any changes to treatments or medications.
1. If you have a question about your account or HELPA services, please send a message through the HELPA app or email (instead of posting in the community).
2. If you have an immediate medical concern or an emergency, contact your doctor or call emergency services.

Treat the community and everyone involved with respect and kindness. We’re all here to learn from each other.

  • Be respectful. Be thoughtful about what you contribute to the conversation. If you disagree with something said, share your opinion in a respectful and constructive way.
  • Be kind. Help grow the community with kind, supportive words, and honest advice.
  • Respect privacy. By participating in this community you agree to respect each other’s privacy. Avoid sharing personal information about yourself or other members (such as email addresses, phone numbers, or street addresses).
  • Share your sources. If you share medical research, expert opinion, or information from third parties, please provide references or links to credit the appropriate sources.
  • Stay on topic. Try to keep posts relevant to the topic and ongoing conversations. This helps create positive and productive discussions for everyone.

Please do not:

  • Post offensive comments. The community is not a place for controversy, antagonism, racism, sexism, or discrimination.
  • Solicit products or services. Please do not sell products in the community or direct anyone else in the community to websites that sell products.

Posts and comments are monitored by Community moderators, who are here to ensure the community remains a safe and positive space for everyone. Moderators have the right to remove any topics or posts and block users who do not follow community guidelines.

Who are community moderators?
HELPA Community moderators are active members of the community and are here to help foster a healthy community environment. They have additional capabilities to ensure that the community remains a safe and supportive place to share and connect with other members.

Moderators have access to:

  • Keep topics organized
  • Flag and remove spam or content that violate the above Community Guidelines
  • Direct members back to existing topics if duplicate discussions are created
  • Suspend or cancel member accounts that violate Community Guidelines

Moderators help to:

  • Make sure community members use appropriate language and follow Community Guidelines
  • Prevent spammers, bots, and trolls from attacking the community
  • Protect the community from trademark infringement and legal issues

App features

Most frequent questions and answers

The home screen / dash screen is where you will see your latest entries of journal notes, behaviour observations, images/videos and scanned documents. It is also where you will see any confirmed video chats and app notifications.

For Providers

The home screen is where you will see any video chat requests, private messages and system notifications.

In the carer app, the support / + screen is where you will go for:

Journal – This is where you can add simple notes for yourself or your child. You can add images & videos for additional context and set whether this was a positive moment or not.

Connect – This is where you go to connect with either a participating therapy provider or community partner. You can view each available bio of the provider or partner teams, select a day/time and attach any app info to help you. Video chats are for 15min and you connect from within the app!

Behaviour – This is where you will find the categories for capturing your child’s behavioural progress. There are 8 categories with simple statements for you to score. The app will automatically save these by child/date/time and show it on your home screen. We encourage you to add these observations as often as possible as part of your intervention plan.

Health Notes – This is where we make it super easy for you to scan digital copies of your reports, forms, medications and school communication notes. Anything really! Simply hold the device over what you would like to scan and the app will automatically convert this to PDF, then choose a title for it and save. Easy!

We have a dedicated section for the HELPA Community in the knowledge base – Please have a read.

Booking an appointment

Most frequent questions and answers

Please email – We will make sure you get the support you need.

To book a video appointment, please sign in and access ‘My Care’ > ‘Support’ from in the app. HELPA then provides you a list of community partners and therapy providers and the day & times they are available. Once you’ve found a provider that is a good fit for your needs, you can make an appointment and secure a time slot via a credit card on HELPA’s secure platform.

The times of the appointments are in the same timezone as the device (Apple or Android device) that you use to book. If you are traveling, the timezone will not correlate with the state/country you have listed in your profile – If the device updates, HELPA will update as well!

Your provider will write a post-session note. This note will not be emailed for security purposes, but you can always access this note for reference securely through the HELPA platform. It can be found in the “Support History” section in the main menu and you will be notified by push notification that a comment has been added. 

Technical requirements

To use HELPA, you can use an Apple iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or an Android device (mobile/tablet) You can download the iOS or Android app from the respective store.

HELPA is a secure video platform rather than an audio-only platform, so you cannot schedule a HELPA phone call. When starting your appointment, you do have the option of turning your video camera off after an initial video connection has been made. If you have questions about this, please get in touch at before booking your appointment. 

Preparing for your video call

Just a few small things!

1. Fill out your pre-session notes and update your HELPA health vault

2. Attach any data from your HELPA health vault (journal entries, child assessments, health notes) by selecting the “+” just prior to confirming your appointment. These will be required if you would like to help your provider prepare for the call.

3. Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection for the best experience!

Just prior to your appointment log in to your HELPA app, select the appointment from the “Home/Dashboard” screen and tap the “Enter Room” button that appears to start your call. Your provider will do the same and you’ll connect via video. 

Please note: You cannot tap the launch button until 10 minutes before your start time

Payment and billing

When you schedule an appointment, there is a pre-authorized charge placed on the card to ensure that funds are available for the appointment. Those funds will be released, and no charge will go through if you cancel within 10 minutes of booking the appointment or greater than 24 hours before the start of the appointment. You should see the charge disappear from your bank statement within 5-10 days of canceling, but often much sooner.
The pre-authorized charge will be completed, and your credit card will be charged whenever you complete an appointment or cancel/reschedule an appointment more than 10 minutes after scheduling it and less than 24 hours prior to the start time.

If you are unsatisfied with the service you receive for any reason, please let us know! Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis (because we know the details matter!) In order to request a refund, please email us at and we’ll respond to your request within 24 hours.
We don’t issue refunds if a provider determines that you should see a practitioner in person. One of the benefits of speaking with HELPA Providers is that they can help you determine whether you should see a practitioner in person or if you don’t need to. Many times, they will save you a trip and other times they will help you understand when it’s important to see a practitioner in person.

Plans change, we get it. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time, there is absolutely no charge. After 24 hours, we encourage you to keep your appointment and check-in with your provider. If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled start or don’t launch your appointment, you’ll be charged a market-rate per-appointment cancellation fee so that your provider is paid for the time they set aside in their day.

The cost of a HELPA appointment varies based on the type of support provider you see.

Community Partners
$5 – $15 for a 15-minute appointment

Therapy Providers
$20 – $35 for a 15-minute appointment

Currently, you cannot use your health insurance to cover the cost of a HELPA appointment. But in many cases, the cost of a HELPA appointment is less than a gap-pay / co-pay! 

Because members use HELPA without going through their insurance companies, we do our best to keep fees as affordable as possible, particularly with the option of Community Partnerships.

If you are in Australia and you have a NDIS Participant Plan in place for your child, there are item codes that do allow for NDIS funds to cover the cost of the HELPA appointment.
Please email us at for more information.

This feature will soon be added to the HELPA apps for users, stay tuned!

Private messaging is unlimited for HELPA Partner subscription members.

It depends on your specific program, but we’re happy to help you try! 

You’ll want to check the documentation requirements for your specific HSA program, then please feel free to email for a customized receipt for your records.