Provider FAQs

Provider FAQs


Most frequent questions and answers

HELPA is an innovative and comprehensive digital health app designed by special needs parents and therapists, for special needs parents and therapists. We are a HIPAA compliant app that provides a platform for therapists & subject matter experts to connect with parents & carer’s from anywhere, at any time, and to get paid for doing so.

To support those lives automatically altered by living alongside health conditions & diseases. To enable access to timely, relevant and affordable options of support & subject matter expertise, specifically for their benefit as non-clinical carer’s. We seek to increase carer / expert interactions, and deliver them through one revenue generating, HIPAA compliant mobile app with easy-to-use features and swift transaction gateways.

  • Expertise: We protect the relationship between experts and carer’s. You have the choice to connect with your existing customers or benefit from the global network that HELPA supports. Behavior Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists all on one single app, supporting multiple carer capacities.
  • Simplicity: We provide the tools for carer’s to capture the progression & regression journeys of their loved ones, the milestones, health information & intervention options directly within the app. View this inclusive information for improved care options, networking and growing your professional development & reach.
  • Ease of Use: Anyone can use HELPA! It’s as simple as selecting your area of expertise, setting your availability, and connecting with carer’s via the app. All HD video interactions between experts and carers are easy to commence, secure and inventoried.
  • Security: All health information is carer (user) owned. Carer’s decide what gets stored, shared & categorized. This allows for easy viewing by experts for enhanced goal setting and value during video interactions.

Absolutely! We have found that the following rates offer great value;
$25 per 15 minute video interaction
$15 per 15 minute information review *Off-line booking*

The rate and time, however, may be adjusted by the therapist / subject matter expert and / or practice.

The registration fee of $45 is one-off, and covers the credential checking process. (Fees may vary for institutions outside of Australia)

Not currently, though we are in the process of discussing coverage with some insurance companies.

If a member has an NDIS care plan in Australia, they may utilize this funding for HELPA interactions if they have a self-managed or intermediary-managed care plan.

We encourage service providers to partner with HELPA for seamless service delivery.

Make sure your bank account information is correctly entered into the app. To do this, go to Menu → Profile → My Fees and Payments and enter your banking credentials. You will receive an immediate direct deposit. Details of booking history may be found in My History on the Home Page in the app.

Click the “My profile” button to access various personal information. Edit by tapping on any section, then by pressing “Save” at the bottom. You will be able to preview what your customers will see when booking.

We have HIPAA compliant security and privacy controls in place to protect all data. We use the industry’s best encryption standards to encrypt communication and storage.

Yes, we implement all the HIPAA Security, Privacy and Breach notification rules. Our platform is designed to comply with HIPAA’s strict safeguards from the HELPA apps to the backend servers. We have multiple layers of security safeguarding all Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

HELPA does not store, nor have access to your financial information. When you register with the HELPA app and enter your payment information, we’re sending that information in encrypted format directly to our partner; PAYPAL who is the leader in Secure Payments. PayPal has passed PCI Level 1 Certification by VISA, which is the highest level of security for payment systems.

Yes, all therapists requesting access to HELPA must be verified via our credential checking partner; PEOPLECHECK. This process is automated for by our platform for improved security & availability.


The HELPA app enables connections to other HELPA app users.

Families & communities locally & globally, can match their requirements with your expertise.

Receive video chat requests, accept (or decline) when you choose & connect in real-time HD video.

Community and interaction reviews ensure trust, transparency and QA are maintained.

Create a unique profile with location, specialty, availability and a brief bio overview.

Edit rates, availability and what customers can see, in real-time.

All HELPA interactions are securely and uniquely stored, but readily accessible.

HELPA supports all file types; Videos, Images & Documents, and viewing these are easy and simple.

Client notes may be securely shared and reviewed in-app, as and when required.

Dynamic payments and ledgers make reconciliations easy.

We are constantly improving the experience for all HELPA community members. Our next feature will see us integrate with accounting software that makes reconciling revenue for your practice super easy!

Please send any feature requests to