Need service information or have a simple question to ask? 
Skip the wait and speak with your therapist, therapy practice, or clinic wherever you are using the helpa client app.

helpa is 100% free for clients

Increase your access to health service providers wherever you are in the world.

Find the right service provider

Get value from a growing list of international providers

helpa is used by hundreds of organizations, with various specialties and expertise. 

Find and connect with the provider who is right for you. 

You can then share information, send messages, request video or face-to-face appointments and get assistance when you need it.

Keep information in one place

We let you capture, store and share

Securely save past and present health and family information in one easy to access location. 

School forms, reports, medications, health progress, and more. 

You can save text, images, short videos and PDF documents so your provider can assist whenever you need them to.

Get timely support when needed

Search, preview and pair with a provider in seconds

If you need timely assistance, a growing team of approved providers is always on hand, with a guaranteed response time. 

You can now talk to your current provider team, or new providers with a wide range of specialties, and we are constantly adding more. 

You are also encouraged to invite your current providers to join helpa.

Stay safe with our iron-clad security

We take privacy and security very seriously

The information you choose to store is yours. 

We do not have access to your saved information and the notes, images, videos and messages you exchange with providers. 

All this data is stored encrypted on our servers and only you and your currently paired providers have access to it.


Here’s how it works

All it takes is 2 easy steps


Download the HELPA app from the AppStore or Google Play

Step 2 Create an account

Browse, preview and pair with a provider to get going

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