About Helpa

Changing the way individuals, families and patients access support.

Therapy service providers and their clients work tirelessly to ensure a high quality of care, progress towards goals, and better outcomes for themselves and those they care for.

With an ever-growing number of patients and families with increasingly complex needs, relying on a weekly or fortnightly session is no longer sufficient.

Healthy private communication

As parents to children with complex, high-needs care requirements, the founding team at helpa had already become increasingly reliant on the use of common commercial messaging tools to coordinate patient care with teams of therapists and clinicians from different specialties, in different locations, while trying not to interrupt important progress.

While messaging tools were more efficient than traditional methods, they also brought up the critical issues of lacking certain features and the importance of patient data security.

However, there wasn’t anything on the market designed specifically for therapy service providers and their clients at the time.

In 2018, helpa was born to address the need for important, timely communication between therapy service providers and their clients, families and patients. It’s built for security and ease of use, so that messaging and communication is a safe, seamless addition to life and in-person service delivery.

Helpa has since evolved into a platform that is connecting modern health service providers, simplifying their communication with team members, clients and patients, and democratising access to their expertise and experience.

By doing so we believe we can improve their quality of life and ultimately patient care at scale around the world.

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