Meet Liam

I first met Liam he had just finished high school, due to his new lack of routine and loss of social contact he had recently begun suffering from anxiety. It was a hard time for his family and his parents were really worried about him.

While Liam did have a few part-time jobs in the past he had always wanted to be a travel agent like his dad, he loved that his dad got to plan holidays all the time and make people happy. Gaining meaningful employment was his number one goal. Liam was a naturally very friendly and funny person, he had excellent people skills.

When I came on board to Liam’s team this was very obvious. Through working on employability skills, including money handling and transport skills, Liam was able to get a job working at his local arcade. Liam had been a long time patron of the arcade but had never thought of working there himself.

His first shift was hilarious, half of the patrons already knew Liam and were ecstatic to see him there in a uniform. I’ve never seen so many high-fives given out! I worked alongside him for the first 6 months, helping him to learn the policies and procedures. It was truly a match made in heaven and two years on Liam is still working there and learning new skills under the supportive eye of his managers and workmates.

I will never forget the feeling of placing someone into a workplace where they would truly thrive and watching the whole community come alive alongside this wonderful young man! Watching him flourish has been an absolute highlight of my career. 

– This blog post was kindly penned by a HELPA support worker from QLD