Meet Daniel

Daniel was a great young guy who could not wait to grow up and be independent. His large family were all very active members of our community and supportive of his goals. Daniel attended many events with them, he was a regular at the footy where his family had been involved for generations.

Daniel’s one goal when I met him was to get that magic card to freedom, his license. While he already had his L’s and was actively working towards him P’s he required a bit of extra support. We were able to organise lessons with instructors he was comfortable with, practice around his home streets and do many, many rounds of practice questions online to calm his nerves. 

After 10 months the day came for Daniel to sit the test for his provisional license. There was a group of us who were nervously awaiting the results; his family, his support workers, his instructors and plenty of his friends. Unfortunately, Daniel did not pass the test on his first attempt. He did not indicate correctly around a round-about.
On his second test two weeks later, however, he passed with 100%. There were cheers and tears all around. A celebration all afternoon, the smile never left Daniel’s face!

About three months later, while practicing kitchen skills, I was unfortunately cut by a knife quite badly. Daniel volunteered and was able to quickly drive me to the hospital. I felt a great sense of pride and safety while he confidently delivered me to the emergency ward.

Today, Daniel is a man out on the town. He loves going to visit friends and family, going out to meals with friends and still regularly is seen at sporting events. 

– This blog post was kindly penned by a HELPA support worker from ACT