MEET BEC – the first NDIS Helpa

Welcome to HELPA’s Blog, 

If you have poked around on this page before, you will have seen some work we’ve done in the press and awards we have won. This post is going to be a little different. 

Firstly let me introduce myself,
My name is Bec and I have been a Helpa since November 2019. I started after working with the Kruger family as a disability support worker for their son, Tyson. I had recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from Canberra ACT. My journey into the world of community services began in 2017. Previously I spent 7 years running a business.

For my whole life I have loved people, and wanted to help them. I was practically born to be a Helpa. Growing up volunteering, editing friends cover letters, and just doing anything I could do to help people. Stepping into the world of disability services was a natural fit. Sitting at the Kruger’s kitchen table while Stu told me their story and plan, I had tears in my eyes. Their hope for the future, such down-to-earth nature’s, and the big plan! As I heard about HELPA’s NDIS plans for the first time I knew it was going to be big. Coming from a business background I have an appreciation for simple ideas done to perfection. HELPA app has fulfilled all my business app dreams, I wish I had an app like this for those 7 years in Canberra!

Fast forward to February 2020 and the HELPA app has launched! I’m testing my favourite design features out, organising my shifts and chatting to my clients. It feels surreal, I was never a high tech person but having that hot little app on my phone has changed the way I will conduct my business now and forever. 

So where are we now?

It’s April and the world as we know it has changed. We’re working on more and more features by the day, the HELPA app could not have arrived at a better time. While our amazing engineers work on the high tech side, I will be updating you all on this site. What we have coming up, who else is working on our team, where we came from and our big plans for the future!

So make sure you head over to Instagram to follow our morning hijinks, success stories and generally great banter. Keep up with us on Facebook to see when our new features launch and other helpful tidbits to make you smile on this amazing journey we are all on. 

Until next time,