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General Information

Most frequent questions and answers

HELPA has created a new and innovative NDIS experience providing end-to-end, 100% commission free support for participants and their private support teams. 

No! HELPA does not handle your NDIS funds directly. Our technology handles the automated invoicing and support providers get paid directly.

Yes! We are HIPAA + GDPR compliant, with all data stored within Australia at all times. HELPA implements industry-leading encryption and data security practices to ensure the security of your personal information.

We carry out full vetting and police clearances of all support providers and we conduct verifications of any qualifications stated as well.

The HELPA Foundation is set up to provide support for those participants who may be unable to access NDIS funds.

A percentage of every monthly plan goes to the foundation, and together with our additional fundraising efforts, we intend to make a difference to those in need.

App Features

An overview of each app

The client app allows participants to search, invite and hire their existing support team members – PRIVATELY and 100% Commission-Free.

HOME Screen

This is where you will find your currently hired support team, any messages with those not yet hired, and general information on the app. You can customize what is visible on the home screen too!


This is where you will search for, view and hire/un-hire your support team. We have neatly categorized profiles between “search” and “hired” so you will always easily find and view your direct team.


This is where you will be able to view all history with your hired provider. You can approve completed shifts, message the provider and view any updates to their bio.


If you need to un-hire a provider, simply tap their profile and tap the “un-hire” button.

This feature is very handy when revising rates with a provider. Simply un-hire them, and re-hire them on the new rate. 

The app will keep a copy of all information “per hire” and you can find this in PROVIDERS > PREVIOUS.

MORE Screen

This is where you can find the digital journal for saving notes, photos and videos, along with the multipage scanner.

MENU Screen

The main menu lives in the top-left corner of the app. Here is where you can find all your saved journal notes and scanned forms. You can see your profile info and send invites to your network directly from the app.

PROFILES – Participants

Participant profiles live in the top-right corner of the app. You will need to create a profile for each participant you are caring for (or for yourself, if you are the participant!).

The Provider app allows support workers to dynamically schedule shifts, complete shifts, review history and automate invoicing – 100% Commission-Free!

JOBS Screen

This screen has 2 sections; TODAY + COMPLETED.

TODAY is where your current scheduled shifts for today will live. To complete a shift, simply tap the shift card and “mark as complete”

COMPLETED is where you will find all shifts that have been marked as “complete” There are 3 colour codes for completed shifts;

BLUE – Completed and waiting for client approval

GREEN – Approved by client and ready for invoicing

RED – Declined by client and waiting on editing

Once an invoice has been generated, each shift included in that invoice period will be marked as “invoiced”


This is where you will see your ACTIVE client list, and those PREVIOUS clients you have worked with in the past. Viewing history is as simple as tapping the bio and having a scroll!

MORE Screen

This is the screen to find extra tools for business basics. Things like;

  1. Premium insurance benefits for HELPA app users
  2. Links to CPR / First Aid courses
  3. Link to our Tax Partner – Smartsteps Accounting, for exclusive HELPA benefits
  4. Link to the NDIS portal for more info
  5. More coming soon!


This is located in the top-left corner of the app and is your in-app business card. This is where you can tell the HELPA community all about you and your expertise. Save a nice profile picture too!


This feature is located in the menu (top-left corner) and is available for you to share the love by inviting your existing clients and colleagues to HELPA 

Tax Tips + Business Basics

For Support Workers

HELPA.App has partnered with BizCover Insurance to provide select products that are made available to all CURRENT provider app users.

These products currently include;
1. Combined General Liability cover
2. Professional Indemnity cover

Subject to the terms and conditions of the policies, the covers provide you with the additional peace of mind if you face costs and damages awarded against you as a result of a claim arising from the provision of approved personal care, and domestic and social care services to Clients.

You can link directly to the BizCover website from the MORE screen to access these benefits with the promo code automatically applied!

HELPA.App has partnered with National First Aid Training Institute to provide select benefits that are made available to all CURRENT provider app users.

These products currently include;
1. CPR Training
2. First Aid Training

The benefits provide you with the additional training and knowledge for a duty of care should you face a situation requiring these skills to be applied during the provision of approved personal care, and domestic and social care services to Clients.

You can link directly to the NFTI website from the MORE screen to access these benefits

If you work as a disability support worker, some of the tax deductions you may be able to claim on your personal tax return are;

Meals & Travel
The cost of buying meals when you work overtime, provided you have been paid an allowance by your employer (you can claim for your meals without having to keep any receipts, provided you can show how you have calculated the amount you spent)

The cost of parking, tolls, taxis and public transport if you are required to travel to attend seminars, conferences, meetings and training courses not held at your usual place of work, or between 2 or more jobs (if you need to stay away overnight you can also claim for the cost of all meals and your accommodation)

The cost of using your own car for work, including travel to attend meetings, conferences or training courses that are not held at your workplace, between 2 different jobs or to visit clients at their homes or workplaces (to claim for car costs it is usually best to keep a diary record of the number of kilometres you travel during the year for work purposes and then we can calculate the amount of your tax deduction at the end of the year)

Work Clothing
The cost of buying uniforms (including shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, jumpers, stockings, socks and shoes – but only where they are an essential part of a distinctive compulsory uniform, the characteristics of which—colour, style, type—are specified in your employer’s uniform policy, or where each item has the employer’s logo on it)

Non-slip nursing shoes if required (even if these are not part of a compulsory uniform)
The cost of laundry, dry cleaning or repairs of your uniforms

The cost of work-related training courses, for example first aid, OH&S, wound-care, treatment updates and conferences, provided they relate to your CURRENT work.

You can claim for the cost of any course fees, books, stationery, internet connection, telephone calls, tools or equipment and travelling to and from the course. You can also claim any accommodation and meal expenses you have to pay if you are required to stay away overnight for your course)

The cost of self-education courses run by a University (not including HECS/HELP) or TAFE, for example Nursing qualifications, provided they relate to your CURRENT work.

If you are studying, you can also claim for the cost of books, stationery, equipment and travel required for your course

Work Equipment
The cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work, including medical equipment and tools, electronic organisers, computers and mobile phones
The cost of stationery, diary, log book or briefcase

Other Work Expenses
The cost of union fees
The cost of professional memberships and subscriptions
The cost of renewing your annual practicing certificate if you are also a Registered Nurse
The cost of work-related books, magazines and journals
The cost of work-related mobile or home telephone calls and rental (you should keep a diary record of the number of phone calls you make for work for one month and then we can use that to estimate your usage for the whole year)
The cost of work-related internet connection fees (you can only claim the proportion of your monthly fees that relate to work use, which could include emailing, research relating to your job or training)
The cost of a fob watch (but not a conventional watch)

General Expenses
There are some tax deductions that all employees can claim on their personal tax returns:
The amount of any donations to registered charities (as long as you haven’t received anything in return for your donation, such as raffle tickets or novelty items)
The cost of bank fees charged on any investment accounts
The cost of income protection or sickness and accident insurance premiums (this type of insurance covers you if you hurt yourself (including when you are not at work) or become sick and you are unable to work. It will pay you your normal wage until you are fit to return to work – if you don’t have this insurance you should see a financial adviser or ask us and we will refer you to someone who can organise it for you. It is definitely worthwhile)
Your tax agent fees (the amount you pay to your accountant to prepare your tax return each year)
The cost of travelling to see your tax agent (you can claim the cost of travelling to see your accountant to have your tax return prepared. You should keep a record of the number of kilometres you travel and any other incidental costs such as parking, meals, accommodation etc)
We suggest that you keep receipts for all purchases that are work related, even if they are not listed above. That way, when we prepare your tax return, we can decide whether you are allowed to claim a tax deduction for them or not.

We have arranged exclusive HELPA user benefits with Smartsteps Accounting for general advice and annual tax returns.

You can link directly to Smartsteps from the MORE screen in the app!

Technical requirements

To use HELPA, you can use an Apple iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or an Android device (mobile/tablet) 

You can download the iOS or Android app from the respective store.

Payment and Billing

Active monthly plans are billed from your Apple iTunes or Google Play account.

A percentage of every monthly active plan will be donated to the HELPA Foundation on your behalf.

If you are unsatisfied with the service you receive for any reason, please let us know!

Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis (because we know the details matter!)

In order to request a refund, please email us at and we’ll respond to your request within 24 hours.

Plans change, we get it.

If you decide to cancel your provider plan, you may do so directly from your nominated Apple iTunes or Google Play account.

The HELPA app makes invoicing for approved services SUPER easy!

Since HELPA does not handle participant NDIS funds directly, the process for being paid is as follows;

  1. The app will AUTOMATICALLY create a PDF invoice for all approved shifts once per week, at midnight each Saturday
  2. Each PDF invoice will AUTOMATICALLY be sent directly to a Plan Manager or your Self-Managed client
  3. Once the invoice is received by either the Plan Manager of Self-Managed client, they will process this payment
  4. Approved payments will be credited to your bank account DIRECTLY, and will be 100% Commission-Free
If you are working with a Plan Manager for the very first time, they may contact you directly by email to confirm your payment details for transferring funds.